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  • Optimized for Customer Requirements – Performance and Cost

  • 3D CAD includes Catia and Solidworks.

  • Full Design and Development Engineering, working from SCD, SOW with or without models and drawings

  • Full FEA utilizing Hyperworks, testing, analysis and simulation services available.

  • Conversion from prepreg parts or metal parts to VARTM composite parts


  • Quickest tool design and build in the industry

  • Many options depending on type of part, quality requirements, annual volume, A or AB side finish, starting from very inexpensive tools for few parts to tools used in high volume with integrated heating and cooling

  • Tooling is routinely made from many materials, including tooling board, carbon fiber composite, aluminum, tooling steel, invar, and in some cases a combination of these. 


Quick turn prototyping, from receipt of models/drawings to shipment of the first part can be completed in 6 to 10 weeks depending on complexity of the part.  This includes tool design, tool build, part manufacturing, and quality inspection including CMM.


  • Full Production facility with over 55,000 square ft of production space.  All work completed inhouse

  • Oracle Netsuite ERP system ensuring complete control of supply chain and production

  • Infinite number of choices of fabric and resins chosen for application

  • Automated Fabric cutting, Lamination, Infusion, Demould

  • 3 axis and 5 axis machining centers trim and drill each part

  • Assembly of all hardware

  • Automated Laser CMM measurement quality inspection, comparing complete model to actual part, with report.  C of C available.

  • Paint – including all systems, and clear coat over carbon fiber when requested

  • Additional quality checks

  • FAI per AS9100

  • Stocking and Fulfillment services

  • Professional packaging

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